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What is Master Tree Farmer Program?

The Master Tree Farmer Program is an intensive educational program designed to introduce landowners to many of the topics associated with forest management. The programs are not designed to make landowners into foresters, but to acquaint landowners with forestry terms and concepts so they can effectively converse with foresters about the management of their property. We have documented that landowners are more willing to see forestry practiced on their land when they understand why things are done.

The Master Tree Farmer courses are the only satellite broadcasts of their kind for forest landowners throughout the South. Each participating state land grant university has a coordinator making arrangements for their programs. Clemson University serves as the host for the programs. Forestry professionals from universities and private and public organizations participate as instructors and presenters. Broadcasts are live from Clemson to viewing locations around the South.

2013 Master Tree Farmer

The 2013 Master Tree Farmer will be conducted every Tuesday evening beginning on April 2, 2013 continuing through April 30, 2013. The program will start at 6:30pm and end at 8:30pm. This year the program will be delivered via the internet which means you will have the option to watch it at home. However, there are some sites that will be available for viewing the program. Click here for a list of Live Sites showing the Master Tree Farmer program. Click here for more information on the 2013 program.

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Who Will Benefit from the Master Tree Farmer Program?

Landowners, persons considering land ownership, and those who are interested in managing their land will find these workshops an exceptional opportunity. Anyone with forest cover on part of their property will learn about practicing sustainable forestry and managing the land to meet their objectives. All courses are also open to loggers and foresters.


Objectives are for attendees to:

  • Learn how to practice sustainable forestry.

  • Determine options available to manage their land and meet their objectives.

  • Understand stewardship considerations for land management.

  • Learn about best management practices for protecting the environment.

  • Become acquainted with services and assistance available for managing forest land. 


  • Clemson University

  • The Regional Extension Forester - Southern Region 

  • South Carolina Tree Farm Committee   

  • The American Tree Farm System

  • And others participating at the local and state level